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Listen to the 14 themes about SIXTY on our album.

  1. My Journey



    “My Journey” is a song that pulls from our most pivotal moments in life. From the joy of a first crush, the freedom found in a cross-country roadtrip, or the sadness of a loved one passing, these experiences shape who we are. Share the moments that shaped who you are. What sticks out in your mind?


A Moment Is All We Have


A sweater, a photograph, or a favorite song can remind us of the friends we have lost. As we grow up, we keep traces of our friendships to keep their memories alive. Think of those who you stayed up with for hours on the phone, the ones who always had your back. What would you say to your friends if you could see them one last time? What meaningful moments or final words did they leave with you?


Fewer Tomorrows


    As we approach the later stages in life, we realize we have fewer tomorrows-- fewer opportunities to procrastinate, fewer excuses, and less time to accomplish our dreams. What are the goals you still aim to accomplish in your sixties? Have your hopes and dreams changed over time?


Empty Walls


    Losing a family member is one of the deepest, most permanent types of pain. Our parents pass as we get older, and we ache for another chance to see their faces, to laugh with them at the dinner table. What do you remember fondly about your family members who have passed on? What are important lessons that your family has taught you?


 The Beatles Changed My Life



The Beatles swept through American homes in the 1960s, and ever since, have left their mark on our hearts. They set the soundtrack for romances, heartbreak, and revolution all around the world. What records got you dancing in your bedroom throughout your 60 years? What songs never get old to you, no matter how many times you’ve heard them?




    “Saudade,” the “deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing” for an absent presence in our lives. Memories of the playground, autumn air, or the scent on a loved one’s clothing can bring a similar feeling of mysterious yearning. What smells, tastes, sensations make you feel saudade? What do you miss about your past that you can never get back?


Before I Go


    Some fights seem to go nowhere. Others reveal changes in values, or a strange disconnect with our partner that changes things forever. No matter the cause, any breakup creates lasting scars. For those of us who have decided to part ways with a spouse or partner, how did you know when it was finally over? How do you find yourself again?




    Our first loves are whirlwind romances. The first time holding hands, kissing, or simply become vulnerable to another person is an experience that cannot be repeated or replaced. Who was your very first love? What do you remember about them?



Love Is Two


    “Love Is Two” expresses the fear and anxiety in knowing that we will one day be without our partner, or our partner without us. We think of them alone in our quiet homes, without a shoulder to lean on after someone passes. What are your worries as you age? What anxieties do you have about your future in a relationship?


60 Years (Wisdom) 


    Being sixty means that you have lived 21,900 days. You have learned a great deal about love, friendship, success, and failure. You have experienced highs, lows, love, loss, and laughter. From all your days on earth, wisdom can you pass down to the younger generation? What have you learned from your 21900 days on earth?


Tears For Mom


    Our relationships with our mothers shape us into adulthood. They change us with constance, kindness, and selflessness. For many of us, they were figures of constant support. For others, they were less present in our lives. How did your mother influence your life today? Are you similar or different to her?


My Everything


    When we have children, they change our lives forever. One moment, we are holding their tiny bodies in our arms, and the next, they are learning to bike, going to prom, getting engaged. How has raising children shaped you over the years? What were your most important lessons as a parent?


I'm Sending Love

If tomorrow something were to happen and died, write your message to those who've made your so special and have shaped the twists and turns.


Take Me Back To Brooklyn


A song about Brooklyn in the 1960s. What do you remember from your childhood? What places, people, and memories do you hold in your heart?