13 reasons to be excited about being sixty!


1. Being alive

We know, we know. Seems like an obvious one, right? But at sixty, you've been lucky enough to have a relatively long and full life-- some people don't make it this far! At sixty, make sure to cheers to you and all the days ahead.

2. Watching your kids grow


Your kids, if you've got 'em, have been a huge part of your life. Often it's hard to let them grow up and leave the nest, but if you take a moment to look at who they have grown up to be, you see the beauty parenting. You've done the work, now it's time to enjoy more in-depth conversations, accompanied by the occasional glass of red wine!

3. Spending quality time with family


Going off of number 2, the rest of your family is a huge social opportunity at sixty. You're likely in charge of coordinating holiday gatherings, making phone calls, and setting up activities with your loved ones. Maybe it's time for a big reunion with you on the planning committee!


4. Starting creative projects


Sixty is the perfect age to get creative. Needlepoint, painting, dance, and other activities can expand your mind and fulfill your desire to express yourself. Check out your local recreational facilities and programs for inspiration.

5. Celebrating successes

By now, you've likely got a laundry list of achievements. Try writing them all down and appreciating YOUR hard work in this life of yours! Whether it be personal goals or more public awards, everyone has something to be proud of at sixty.

6. Showing gratitude


Breathe in, breathe out. Be grateful for everything, because life is short! You can find so many things to be thankful for at sixty, including the small, everyday details. According to Harvard Health, giving thanks can lead to a happier life.

7. Teaching and giving advice to the next generation


Because you've gained so much incredible experience over the years, why not mentor someone who's just getting started? Whether it be a family member or someone younger in your industry, you've got valuable insight that may change a life.

8. Focusing on YOU!


Sixty presents the unique opportunity to not only connect with those around you, but to look inward and focus on bettering yourself. Take a spa day, eat your veggies, and stretch! There's never a time to stop growing.

9. Discovering music, new and old


What was your favorite music when you were a teenager? Listen to the oldies, or check out the music that today's young people are into to get inspired! The music industry has changed quite a bit, and you might find yourself dancing in your kitchen to something unexpected. . .

10. Focusing on your health

Taking care of your health doesn't have to be a negative experience. Instead of thinking about the things you CAN'T do, think of the new opportunities for you and your body. Take a walk with your friends, try a new salad recipe, and see your therapist! 

11. Learning from mistakes of the past


The great thing about gaining wisdom at sixty is that you don't make the same mistakes. Life is easier, your communication is better, and you know to look out for red flags. That's something to celebrate!

12. Growing in your marriage

If you've had a partner for a while, you build routines together. But in these routines you gain a level of comfort and familiarity that is rare and special! Take your partner for a trip or go somewhere unexpected. The magic is alive at sixty.

13. Enjoying good food

Last but not least, food. There's nothing more visceral and universal than the love of food. At sixty you can still use your tastebuds to experience the world around you. Try foods from other countries, or make your own at home! It feels good to be SIXTY!