Produced by Ira Antelis + Rick Fritz 

Recorded, Mixed, EDITED by Rick Fritz at Jira Studios

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A Moment is All We Have

Written by Ira Antelis,

Nylon Guitar Performed and Arranged by Fareed Haque

String Arrangement by Paul Mutzabaugh

Viola performed by Cheryl Wilson and Anny Moravec


Tears for Mom

Written by Ira Antelis

Nylon Guitar performed and arranged by Fareed Haque

Cello Arrangement by Paul Mutzabaugh

Cello performed by Wendy Cotton


60 Years

Written by Ira Antelis

Piano, Strings, and Synths arranged and performed by Paul Mutzabaugh



Written by Ira Antelis

Piano, Strings, and Synths arranged and performed by Paul Mutzabaugh


Take Me Back to Brooklyn

Written and Produced by Dejion and Ira Antelis

Vocals Performed by Dejion

Acoustic Guitar performed by Joseph Shadid

Bass performed by Alan Berliant

Drum Programming, Synths, and Horns arranged and performed by Dejion


Love Is Two

Written by Ira Antelis

Nylon Guitar Performed and Arranged by Fareed Haque

Strings, Horn Arrangement programmed by Bill Myers


Empty Walls

Written by Ira Antelis

Arranged by Ira Antelis

Acoustic Guitar performed by Goran Ivanovic

Flugelhorn performed by Brian Schwab


Before I Go

Written by Ira Antelis, Emily Blue

All Vocals performed by Emily Blue

All instruments performed by Ira Antelis



Written by Ira Antelis

Vocal performance by Derrick Procell

Keyboards and strings performed by Jimmy Nichols

Bass performed by Alan Berliant


My Everything

Written and Produced by Ira Antelis and Dejion

All instruments performed by Dejion

Lead Background Vocals by Dejion


I’m Sending Love

Written by Ira Antelis

Vocal performance by Matthew Santos

All Instruments performed by Ira Antelis

Acoustic Guitars performed by Joseph Shadid

Background vocals by Matthew Santos


My Journey

Written by Ira Antelis

Vocals performed by Renee Ledesma, Emily Blue

Background vocals performed by Emily Blue, Dejion

Drums programmed by Dejion


The Beatles Changed My Life

Written by Ira Antelis

Acoustic guitar performance by Goran Ivanovic

All other instruments arranged and programmed by Dejion and Ira Antelis

Trumpet arranged and performed by Jimmy Nichols


Fewer Tomorrows

Written by Ira Antelis

Lead Vocal performance by Nicholas Barron

Background Vocals performed by Soul Children of Chicago

Conducted by Walt Whitman

Piano performed by Adam Ben David

Additional background vocals by Rackeel Jones, Dejion, Ira Antelis




My most heartfelt thanks


"Thanks to my beautiful wife Jennifer and my children Isobella and Myles who light up my life everyday and inspire me to do better.

To Winston Thompson who created the logos and images for 60.  Winston worked with me from the beginning of this project and added so much.

Thanks to partner Jim Hoffman for his incredible work directing and editing the video "Tears For Mom.  His knowledge, support, and guidance has been so important all of our years working together.

Thanks to Randy Duncan for his vision and choreography on "Tears For Mom".  Working together for almost 30 years is something I cherish deeply.

Thanks to my partner Daryl Jones for all his advice and thoughts and keeping on the right path.

To all the artists and performers who work there magic. I thank you so much.

Not enough words or thanks for my music genius partner Dejion. His collaboration, input, and musical brilliance adds so much to any piece we work on.

To my lifelong friends all I can say is I feel blessed.

To Emily who wrote, sang, and literally built and designed the website from scratch i thank you. Your talent is endless and your future is so bright.

Lastly, I can never say enough thank yous to Rick Fritz who produced this project with me and makes anything sound incredible.  His diligence and expertise no matter what you ask takes everything to another level.  His patience and more importantly our 30 year friendship and working relationship has been amazing."

- Ira Antelis



Directed & edited by Jordan Axelrod


VOICES MIXED by Justin Mayer




Pam Axelrod
Eddie Baranoff

Eddie Bayers
Cheryl Berman

John Blane
Jeffrey Buchman

Bob Chimbel
Pamela Cooper

Bonny Dolan
Amy Eskridge

Bernard Fryszman
Carl Griffin



Robert Hearn
Tony Kramer

Marlena Peleo Lazar
Howie Levine

Linda Mandracchia
Eric Mercury

Kent Middleton
Jeff Morrow

Susan Schachter
Cheryl Sloane

Jack Smith
Alan Toback

Sandy Toback
Lewis Williams