An idea birthed by ira antelis. . . 

“SIXTY” is more than just an age– it is a milestone. At sixty, we can look back and celebrate the journey of our lives.

To get to sixty is a triumph. We do not often stop to appreciate the ups and downs of age, the life lessons, relationships, twists and turns that have shaped us. Every moment in these sixty years has led us somewhere unique, and the “SIXTY” project reminds us to look back with pride. “SIXTY” is a musical, emotional experience consisting of 14 tracks and infinite feedback from YOU.

What is your journey to 60?

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"For Antelis, part of the difference is how 60 seems to him, now living it, compared to how he viewed his parents at the same age. “People are having kids later, living and working longer. There’s a lot more life in you now at this age than there was for our parents, though no one’s really talking about it,” he says. “Sixty is the new 60. Don’t pretend it’s 50. It’s what it is, and it’s still very much alive.”



Ira antelis

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